BAL 40 Bushfire Shutters

BAL 40 shutters in the Blue Mountains NSW

I have a BAL 40 or BAL FZ bush fire rating. What is this?

Following the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria an updated Australian Building Standard AS3959-2009 was implemented to further help protect buildings from bushfire damage.
A rating level is given when your plans are approved and various measures MUST be taken to comply and get final certification.
Installing bushfire roller shutters can be one easy measure to comply.

A summary of relevant sections of AS3959-2009

The Australian Standard AS3959-2009 states that bushfire prone areas are categorized in the following zones with regards to possible bushfire risk:

From this standard our bushfire products must have the following qualities:
For more information consult AS3959-2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone land or go to the website
BAL 40 shutters in Jindabyne NSW

I have my BAL rating. What will I need to comply?

Depending on the BAL rating there are a number of ways to comply including clearing around the building, planting trees away from the building, installing sprinkler systems and installing roller shutters.

As eery site is different, it is your certifier who will advise on options that are acceptable for your BAL rating. We are happy to discuss roller shutter options with you and your certifier.

For example:
In a BAL FZ site the certifier may advise you to install BAL 40 rated windows and cover them with BAL 40 rated roller shutters.

The certifier may accept electrically operated bushfire shutters as long as they have a manual operation option or backup power supply.

If your rating is BAL 29, BAL 40 or BAL FZ our roller shutters are a really good option because they

How much will they cost?

The price will depend on the following factors:

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Why should I use Roller Shutters?

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